Enhanced decision-making for an evolving world.

Forecast5's 5Lab consolidates disparate data sources into a single analytics environment, giving you in-depth, actionable insights to navigate our evolving education landscape and improve student achievement outcomes. 


Close the digital divide, address learning loss, eliminate equity and achievement gaps, and more.

Capitalize on the rich insights contained within your student data, regardless of where that data resides, to improve student outcomes. 5Lab makes it easy to combine all of your data—eLearning activity, internet access, attendance tracking, discipline, course enrollments, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more—and presents your information in easy-to-understand, customizable visual dashboards.

  • Monitor student performance and progress, regardless of the learning environment
  • Identify students who are falling behind so that intervention plans can be developed*

  • Pinpoint “blind spots” to ensure equity and access

  • Benchmark comparisons across your schools, grades, and student groups

* ESSER II can help your district fund solutions like 5Lab to address learning gaps.
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5Lab 2020 1 eLearning Engagement


Evaluate student eLearning engagement

Understanding eLearning platform usage, beyond simply who is logging in, helps administrators make more informed decisions about their students' academic progress. With 5Lab, district leaders can gain a comprehensive view of their students’ eLearning activity, from the district level down to the individual student level, to ensure all students have access to eLearning materials and are staying engaged. 5Lab easily integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoolology, Microsoft Teams, and others.

5Lab 2020 3 Equity Audit


Track student attendance, course completion, and test performance

Close the achievement gap by easily accessing and monitoring student performance metrics—attendance, course enrollment, assignment completion, test results, and more—through custom dashboards. Go from program and sub-group detail to individual student data with just a click. 5Lab enables you to identify students who may be falling behind, so that timely interventions can be made to get them back on track.

5Lab 2020 4 Next Grade CCM Readiness


Ensure next-grade and college, career, or military readiness

Easily identify which students are (or are not) next-grade or college, career, or military ready. Readiness indicators can be assessed nightly so districts can view readiness progress, at a glance, ensuring students remain on track regardless of their learning environment.

See how 5Lab helps districts identify at-risk freshman students

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Key Product Features

Artboard 1

Data Automation & Upload

Utilize daily data uploads via secure automation into 5Lab for real-time analysis

Artboard 2

Easy to Use

Explore and filter all your data with easy-to-use interactive dashboards and data sandbox

Artboard 3

Core Deliverables

Use Guided Analysis and dashboards with district defined metrics that we customize for your use

Artboard 4


Generate and export unique student lists, visuals or entire dashboards for the dashboard reporting and streamlined communication

Artboard 5


Build your own custom dashboards and visualizations the way you want to see your data or get help from your dedicated 5Lab Advisor

Artboard 6

Clear and Simple

Roll out custom dashboard views for each level of district leadership with secure and controlled access to the data

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