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Announcing the 2020 Project of the Year Award Recipients & Honorable Mentions

Our team has been honored over the years to work with a wide range of public sector leaders across the country on their strategic initiatives. We have been so inspired this year by the stories our clients have shared with us regarding the...

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3 Ways A Small Missouri School District Enhances Financial Transparency with Data Analytics

Navigating the financial landscape as a superintendent of a small school district has never been easy. Navigating the current financial landscape as a school administrator for a small school district has become particularly challenging, since...

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The 5 Biggest Challenges in Delivering K-12 eLearning

The COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented challenge that has exposed many of the difficulties in delivering quality eLearning, at scale, to students across the country. While some school districts had all the pieces in place to instantly flip to...

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Meet McKensie Steele

Meet McKensie Steele, Forecast5's HR guru, with a passion for education and human resources. She is one of the foundations behind all of the Forecast5 staff who support our clients.

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Providing a COVID-19 Financial Road Map to Your Governance Board

On a recent statewide webinar, one of our 5Cast clients shared a PowerPoint presentation that had been recently delivered to his governance board. That presentation combined information about the status of the current-year budget, as well as...

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eLearning and Service Delivery in a Time of Social Distancing

In dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, schools have been forced to deliver their services in a whole new way. In this rapidly evolving environment, this has ranged from ensuring that students have breakfast and lunch through food distribution, that...

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Modeling the Financial Impact of COVID-19

If it has not already happened, in the near future you will likely be asked about how the COVID-19 pandemic will financially impact your district. While things like FY20 expenditure savings and FY21 interest earning reductions can be projected...

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Meet Stewart Mhyre

Meet Stewart Mhyre, photographer, traveler, and former school district leader in Washington State who is now helping districts throughout the state as a Forecast5 Senior Analytics Advisor.

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The New Normal – Planning for Technology Needs

COVID-19 has rapidly shifted both learning and the workforce into a remote, digital environment. As students, teachers, and parents settle into the "new normal", this is the ideal time for Information Technology (IT) teams to begin planning for...

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Considerations for Evaluating Year-End Academic Performance

Due to the national and state guidance surrounding COVID-19 social-distancing measures, most schools face the possibility of needing to extend eLearning through the end of the school year.

While each district, school, and/or grade level may have...

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Three Steps for Effectively Measuring SEL Program Effectiveness

For approximately the past 10 years, school districts have wrestled with implementing social and emotional learning standards within their schools.

To support the social emotional needs of their students, school districts have attempted a variety...

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Monitoring Cash Flow During Times of Tax Payment Uncertainty

When the federal government moved the personal tax filing due date from April 15 to July, a series of cascading discussions followed from state and local governments, prompting this important question... "Would other tax collecting bodies follow...

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