Success Story

West Des Moines Community Schools

Mike Sherman

Like many schools across the country, when West Des Moines Community Schools was forced to pivot to an eLearning format in 2020, administrators were faced with monitoring student engagement in a completely remote setting.

West Des Moines chose 5Lab to assess student eLearning engagement. One of their first discoveries using 5Lab's visual dashboards was that 85%-87% of their high school students were logging in, but their teachers were reporting low levels of student participation. Based on this insight, they were able to determine that while a large percentage of students were logging in to view their grades, they weren't staying online to participate in classes. From there, the district was able to drill down to which classes had the highest (and lowest) levels of participation, so that additional steps could be taken to re-engage students.

"Having some concrete data to partner with these perspectives has really helped us determine next steps. We have been able to confirm that some subgroups are having difficulty accessing resources, and have been able to take the appropriate action."
Mike Sherman
Data Management Director

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