Success Story

Sun Prairie Area School District

Phil Frei

Sun Prairie is one of the fastest growing school districts in Wisconsin. As a result, the district was struggling to maintain its staffing to keep pace with its enrollment growth. Not only was the district unable to effectively attract the number of new teachers it needed, it was losing existing staff due to its compensation structure.

The district participated in the Madison-area Skyward Salary Project to collect and analyze current salary/staffing data in 5Sight, and compare it to that of their local peers. Using the data and visualizations from 5Sight, they were able to support their theory that teachers at Sun Prairie were generally well below the Dane County average, and gained the support from their Board and community for a three-year plan to bring teachers below market up to average.

The district passed an operational referendum by 60% in 2019 in order to do so. Each year, the district plans to conduct a "market analysis" to evaluate how their compensation adjustment has affected their position within Dane County and the surrounding area.

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