Success Story

Smith-Green Community Schools

Dan Hile

Implementation of 5Lab at Smith-Green Community Schools has contributed to improving instructional practices, leading to enhanced student readiness.

Dan Hile, Superintendent at Smith-Green Community Schools, needed a better way to help his staff understand the unique strengths and needs of each individual student so that they could become more effective educators.

When he saw a demonstration of 5Lab, he knew it would transform the way his district collected, analyzed, and used data to improve their effectiveness. Smith-Green arranged an in-person workshop with their leaders and the Forecast5 team to develop a detailed next-grade-level readiness definition for the district. Based on the results of the workshop, a set of custom dashboards were created to assist Smith-Green in assessing the readiness of each of their students. The district now considers 5Lab one of their essential resources for ensuring the continuous improvement of their instructional practices.

"The power of 5Lab is its ability to bring so many different data sets into one tool, which has led to new perspectives for our leadership team."
Dan Hile

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