Success Story

Silver Falls School District

Silver Falls School District
Steve Nielson
Business Manager

Silver Falls School District in Oregon faced their initial 2020-21 budget development process with significant challenges. Their budget development process was time consuming, and there wasn't time to pull historical data out of their accounting system or create meaningful visuals to support their reports before their Budget Committee review meetings—a major issue since they were facing a decrease in general funds.

Through a partnership in the state of Oregon, however, Silver Falls discovered that Forecast5's 5Cast solution was available for their use. In April of 2020, Silver Falls held their first 2020-21 Budget Committee meeting and, according to Steven Nielsen, Director of Finance and Operations, the financial information they had to share was sobering. However, using 5Cast and 5Cast Plus helped the Business Managers explain the situation, providing more information in a visual way that was easy for the audience to understand, in a fraction of the time it would have taken them previously.

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Facilitate Publication of a Budget Narrative to Increase Transparency

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