Success Story

Osage School District

Osage School District
Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson, Superintendent at Osage School District, struggled to navigate the financial landscape of her small school district. At the recommendation of several peer districts, she began using 5Cast's budgeting and forecasting capabilities to increase the district's financial accountability to its community.

With 5Cast and 5Cast Plus, she can easily obtain the data she needs, so she can focus her time on analyzing and determining a course of action rather than simply crunching numbers. She can also quickly create and evaluate “what-if” scenarios, both for the current year and into the future, so that the district can make more strategic financial decisions.

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5Cast Plus Makes It Quick and Easy to Handle Financial Data

Municipal budget forecasting can be cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to error - but 5Cast Plus has made it both quick and easy for the Town of Guadalupe to handle their financial data.

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Using 5Cast to Prepare Monthly Board Reports and Establish Early Cost Savings

North Mason School District used 5Cast Plus to efficiently prepare their monthly Board reports, enabling them to identify significant projected savings earlier in the process and make more informed subsequent financial decisions.

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