Success Story

Osage School District

Laura Nelson

Laura Nelson, Superintendent at Osage School District, struggled to navigate the financial landscape of her small school district. At the recommendation of several peer districts, she began using 5Cast's budgeting and forecasting capabilities to increase the district's financial accountability to its community.

With 5Cast and 5Cast Plus, she can easily obtain the data she needs, so she can focus her time on analyzing and determining a course of action rather than simply crunching numbers. She can also quickly create and evaluate “what-if” scenarios, both for the current year and into the future, so that the district can make more strategic financial decisions.

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Increasing Financial and Planning Transparency with 5Cast Dashboards

The City of Hubbard, Oregon, increased their financial and planning transparency within their community using 5Cast dashboards.

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Facilitate Publication of a Budget Narrative to Increase Transparency

Guerneville School District in California used 5Cast and 5Cast Plus to facilitate publishing their budget narrative and increase transparency for their internal stakeholders and community.

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