Success Story

Orland CHSD 230

Orland CHSD 230
Dawn Rueter-Cox
Director of Data and Assessment

Orland Community High School District 230 used 5Lab to monitor student success to ensure fair and equitable support.

During the second semester of 2020, Orland Community High School District 230 found themselves amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and set a goal for themselves to have no students with failing grades at the end of the year.

To achieve this goal, Dawn Rueter-Cox, Director of Curriculum, used 5Lab to create a COVID-19 Grade Distribution Dashboard that provided a district-wide view of student grades, before the crisis as well as during. Orland used this dashboard to view performance—both at the individual student level and across student groups—to enable their staff to monitor where support was needed. The district was able to identify students in need of additional attention among socioeconomic levels and across demographic groups so that they could ensure all students were successful during the second semester.

As a result, the district decreased the percent of failing grades from approximately 5% on March 14 to 0.66% at the end of the semester, and the rate of Ds and Fs combined from 10.46% in March to 5.9%.

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