Success Story

Northwest ISD

Northwest ISD
CyLynn Braswell

At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, districts were dealing with fluid plans relating to potential learning environments. To understand individual preferences, Northwest ISD in Texas sent a survey asking parents whether they preferred to have their child participate through remote learning, in-person learning, or if they were not ready to decide.

However, if a family chose to have their student learn virtually, the staff at Northwest ISD needed to verify that the student had a reliable internet connection through which to access learning materials.

To assess this, survey responses were loaded into 5Lab as they were received. The district team then used 5Maps, with its ability to overlay FCC broadband data, to identify the household location of each remote learner and whether there was coverage in their area. Using these insights, Northwest ISD was able to efficiently formulate and implement a plan to support these remote learners.

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