Success Story

North Penn

5Sight 5Cast
North Penn
Kristin Johnson
Assistant Director of Business Administration

North Penn School District in Pennsylvania was struggling with an increase in special education enrollment, so they turned to 5Cast and 5Sight to do a deep dive into their financials and determine their action plan.

North Penn School District, like many districts, had experienced increases in their special education enrollment over the years. As their enrollment increased, so did their per-student spend, since special education students required incrementally more assistance in terms of staff, services, and programs than did non-special education students.

Kristin Johnson, Assistant Director of Business Administration, created a Publish site for their Board that included both 5Cast and 5Sight visuals that highlighted their increased enrollment in special ed and related spending. Kristin was also able to show the Board that the funding they received from the state to help support some of these costs was increasing at a much lower rate relative to the increase in expense.

One of North Penn's board members was also on the board of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, and took the Publish site to PSBA, encouraging others to help lobby for increased state funding. While the district has not yet seen an increase in funding, this data has helped support both local and state-based lobbying efforts.

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