Success Story

North Mason School District

North Mason School District
Ashley Supry
Director of Finance and Business

North Mason School District used 5Cast Plus to efficiently prepare their monthly Board reports, enabling them to identify significant projected savings earlier in the process and make more informed subsequent financial decisions.

The new Executive Director of Finance and Operations, Ashley Supry, at North Mason School District 403 in Washington quickly identified opportunities to institute more efficient accounting practices and reporting methods for the district.

To support her in doing so, she implemented the Forecast5 suite of products—including 5Cast Plus—and was able to easily access monthly financial data and then quickly create her monthly board reports. Using the tool, she was able to provide her Board with a level of transparency they had not experienced previously.

Additionally, with her new ability to quickly generate financial reports, she was able to identify a projected savings of $800,000 resulting directly from one of her newly implemented financial policies. The ability to identify this savings much earlier than she would have been able to prior to implementing 5Cast Plus provided the district with the ability to make more informed subsequent financial decisions.

**Project of the Year winner 2018. Read more about this story here 

“Now the process to create monthly board reports takes approximately five minutes. Once the month-end data has been uploaded in to 5Cast Plus, the monthly board reports are fully ready with the click of a button.”
Ashley Supry
Director of Finance and Business

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