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Town of Guadalupe

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Robert Thaxton
Finance Director

Municipal budget forecasting can be cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to error - but 5Cast Plus has made it both quick and easy for the Town of Guadalupe to handle their financial data.

Until the Town of Guadalupe brought on 5Cast Plus from Forecast5 Analytics, all of their budget forecasting work was done in spreadsheets. This was cumbersome, time consuming to manage, and prone to error. With 5Cast Plus, the Town of Guadalupe could seamlessly upload their financial data, and what would have taken days to accomplish—creating what-if scenarios, developing comprehensive, clear charts and reports, etc.—was now completed in seconds. In addition to using 5Cast Plus for budget forecasting, they're now able to easily create monthly and year-to-date comparisons to YTD budget reports for management review. 

Prior to 5Cast Plus, the onerous work of reviewing linked financial spreadsheets for errors and omissions and developing financial reports fell to Robert Thaxton. Linked spreadsheets were a nightmare—and are a thing of the past for Robert—who is now considered a "rock star" in the eyes of management and council.

"5Cast Plus from Forecast5 Analytics has not only dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes us to develop budgetary scenarios, but it has enabled us to make more informed financial decisions to the benefit of our community. We can also more easily deliver on our transparency goals. Through 5Cast Plus, we can quickly generate reports and visualizations that clearly communicate key financial information to both our Council and our community stakeholders."
Robert Thaxton
Finance Director

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