Success Story

Guerneville School District

Guerneville School District
Cherie Cahn
Chief Business Official

Cherie Cahn, Chief Business Official at Guerneville School District in California, was looking for an efficient way to provide a financial data summary that she could present to her School Board. To accomplish this, she began using basic outputs from 5Cast and 5Cast Plus, which required minimal staff time. She was also able to use the standard dashboards in these solutions to provide a budget summary. The visuals within this summary enabled her to better communicate the district's financial situation to her Board, while also including her own narrative.

Cherie also realized that she could use the "Publish" feature to post data to the district's website, providing greater transparency to the community. She has since built upon the the information posted, enabling the community to have a greater understanding of the district's financial situation and decision-making process.

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