Success Story

Ector County ISD

Kellie Wilks

Through school shutdowns and remote learning due to COVID-19, Ector County ISD in Texas, like so many others, was charged with continuing to educate their students in whatever learning environment they could. However, one significant challenge they encountered was determining how best to assist eLearning students without adequate (or any) access to the internet.

Kellie Wilks, Chief Technology Officer at Ector, and district staff used 5Maps to locate all student and staff households in conjunction with their individual "learning mode preference" survey responses. They were then able to overlay FCC broadband connectivity data and determine, for those who had selected "remote learning," who did not have internet access. They then shared this information with their community and budget teams so that they could determine the appropriate solutions.

With the use of GIS data, Ector ISD was also able to begin planning for future phases in which students would be returning to campuses.

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