Success Story

City of Hubbard

Judy Smith

Hubbard is a small city in Oregon, and their Finance Director, Judy Smith, is a finance department team of one with limited time. One of her many tasks is to provide regular financial information to her many stakeholders.

In 2019, she began using 5Cast to create monthly dashboards, graphs, and summaries which she included in the monthly Board reports to better help explain the revenues and expenses instead of just presenting the numbers. Overall transparency to the community was an important goal as well, so Judy went live with a link to her 5Cast Publish site. This way the information got out to the community and anyone interested even if they could not attend the Council meeting.

The Public now can take a quick glimpse at the financials and do some filtering on a live site. The City is also working on dashboards for each department so each department head can post analytics on an internal website for review.

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