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How clients make a difference using Forecast5 solutions.



The Forecast5 team has been inspired by the stories our clients have shared regarding their accomplishments, as well as their innovative approaches to using Forecast5 solutions. Learn more about the work they have done—and discover how you can apply their insights to benefit your organization.

Facilitate Publication of a Budget Narrative to Increase Transparency

Guerneville School District in California used 5Cast and 5Cast Plus to facilitate publishing their budget narrative and increase transparency for their internal stakeholders and community.

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Guerneville School District

Cherie Cahn
Chief Business Official

Completing State Mandatory Transparency Reporting with Ease

Forecast5 assisted New York's Canastota CSD in completing the state's mandatory transparency reporting.

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Canastota CSD

Nicholas Panuccio
Executive Director of Finance & Operations

Using 5Cast and 5Cast Plus to Increase Financial Transparency

Laura Nelson, Superintendent at Osage School District, uses 5Cast and 5Cast Plus to increase financial transparency and make more strategic decisions.

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Osage School District

Laura Nelson

Create a Teacher Compensation Model to Recruit and Retain Staff

Sun Prairie School District created a teacher compensation model and, based on this data, was able to gain support for a three-year plan to bring teachers below-market up to average, increasing both their ability to recruit new educators and retain current staff.

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Sun Prairie Area School District

Phil Frei
Director of Business & Finance

Developing Five Steps to Ensure Student Success Using 5Lab

West Valley School District in Washington state developed five steps that they felt would ensure student success in alignment with their Redefining Ready Work. 5Lab helped them achieve this.

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West Valley School District

Chris Nesmith
Director of Innovation

Determining Action Plans During Special Education Enrollment Increase

North Penn School District in Pennsylvania was struggling with an increase in special education enrollment, so they turned to 5Cast and 5Sight to do a deep dive into their financials and determine their action plan.

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North Penn

Kristin Johnson
Assistant Director of Business Administration

Bridging the Digital Divide Beyond the Campus Walls

Ector County ISD was determined to support their students beyond the campus walls by bridging the digital divide using geovisual data.

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Ector County ISD

Kellie Wilks
Chief Technology Officer

Monitor Student Success to Ensure Fair and Equitable Support

Orland Community High School District 230 used 5Lab to monitor student success to ensure fair and equitable support.

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Orland CHSD 230

Dawn Rueter-Cox
Director of Data and Assessment

Measure Student Performance to Evaluate Staff Effectiveness

Hinsdale Township High School District 86 used 5Lab to measure student performance as part of their staff effectiveness evaluation process.

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Hinsdale Township High School District 86

Keith Bockwoldt
Chief Information Officer

5Lab Contributes to Improving Instructional Practices

Implementation of 5Lab at Smith-Green Community Schools has contributed to improving instructional practices, leading to enhanced student readiness.

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Smith-Green Community Schools

Dan Hile

Using 5Cast to Prepare Monthly Board Reports and Establish Early Cost Savings

North Mason School District used 5Cast Plus to efficiently prepare their monthly Board reports, enabling them to identify significant projected savings earlier in the process and make more informed subsequent financial decisions.

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North Mason School District

Ashley Supry
Director of Finance and Business

Integrate 5Lab and 5Maps to Support Student Remote Learning

Northwest ISD in Texas used the integration capabilities between 5Lab and 5Maps to ensure district-wide support for students in a remote learning environment.

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Northwest ISD

CyLynn Braswell
Executive Director of College and Career Readinesss & Innovation

Applying 5Lab To Implementation of a Student Analysis System

Austin ISD pioneered using 5Lab by applying the tool to their mass implementation of a student analysis system.

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Austin Independent School District

Brenda Richmond
Executive Director of Information Systems

Dashboards Within 5Lab Help Monitor School Improvement Plans

Westfield-Washington Schools used school improvement dashboards to help staff more effectively monitor the progress of their school improvement plans.

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Westfield-Washington Schools

Lynn Schemel
Data Systems & Assessment

5Lab Gives Insights Into Student eLearning Engagement

When eLearning became a standard mode of teaching in 2020, West Des Moines was able to use 5Lab to get insights into issues with student eLearning engagement.

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West Des Moines Community Schools

Mike Sherman
Data Management Director

Easily Provide Necessary Reports to the School Board

Silver Falls School District used 5Cast to improve how quickly and easily they could provide the necessary reports to their School Board.

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Silver Falls School District

Steve Nielson
Business Manager

5Cast Plus Makes It Quick and Easy to Handle Financial Data

Municipal budget forecasting can be cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to error - but 5Cast Plus has made it both quick and easy for the Town of Guadalupe to handle their financial data.

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Town of Guadalupe

Robert Thaxton
Finance Director