How do I get the latest year of data added to 5Sight so I can analyze it?

With the standard data sets that are included with 5Sight, new data will be automatically added to the site shortly after it is made available. It is not necessary to do anything to get annual updates.

What if I want to do my own analysis on data sets I work with in 5Sight?

In both 5Sight Analyze and Visualize, all analysis can be exported to a comma separated or Excel formatted file for further analysis.

What types of exports are available for data visualizations I create in 5Sight?

Data from visualizations can be exported as PDFs, .jpg images, or Excel formatted files.

What are the hardware and software requirements for 5Sight and/or 5Cast?

Any PC or Mac with an operating system that supports modern web browsers. We recommend at least 2Gb RAM and a dual core processor.

Do I need to install any software on my PC to run 5Sight or 5Cast?

You need only a Web browser with JavaScript and cookies support.

What if your current data sets do not include all of the data I need for my analysis?

5Lab allows users to create customized data sets with internal, external and survey data.

Can we have multiple User IDs available to our entity?

Yes. You may have unlimited number of User IDs associated with your entity; however, each user needs to have purchased an individual license in order to access the system. Additional licenses are available – please contact us for pricing information.

How do I purchase a license for the 5Sight SaaS solution?

Please contact us at info@forecast5analytics.com or fill out the Request Quote form on our website.