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Communicate more effectively with your community about assigned schools, and more.

SchoolSearch makes it easy for your district to provide parents and your community with 24/7, interactive online access to assigned schools, program offerings, hybrid cohort schedules, and more. 

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Make it easy for your community to get important school building information with just a few clicks.

SchoolSearch is a public-facing tool that enables you to more effectively communicate with your community about assigned schools, program offerings, hybrid cohort schedules, and the unique attributes of each school. SchoolSearch also helps reduce calls into your district office.

SchoolSearch is not your ordinary address lookup tool—it's much more. Its level of customizability allows district administrators to use SchoolSearch as a marketing tool, highlighting the important features of each school and helping to attract new families to the district. With the advanced search option, parents can filter for programs and schools to find the best fit for their family needs.

Facilitate Timely, Accurate Communication with Your Community

  • 24/7 self-service access for the community from the district website
  • Timely, accurate information for realtors, as well as parents
  • Communicate choice options and school assignments
  • Provide drive-time and distance from each selected school
  • Customizable displays for each school can include links or other information, such as program offerings
  • Advanced search functionality allows users to find magnet schools or filter for specific programs offered by the district
  • A school comparison tool enables users to find the best fit

Miami-DadeMiami-Dade-expandedCustomizable Content

Determine what information you want the community to see about each school. Include links, location, performance information, registration details, and more.


Offering-Level Search Capabilities

Parents and students can use filters based on program and school offerings within the district to immediately visualize school locations in relation to their home.


Intuitive "Comparison" Displays

The side-by-side school comparison feature makes it easy for parents to understand the unique aspects of each selected school.


Mobile Friendly

Your community can access SchoolSearch's powerful capabilities from any device – mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

You have great offerings in your district, be sure your community knows!
Competition from alternative education offerings is increasing. SchoolSearch can be a valuable marketing tool for your district, enabling you to ensure your community is aware of the opportunities you provide so your capture rates remain high.

Key Product Features

Intuitive SchoolSearch


Intuitive interface makes it easy for the community to get the answers they're seeking

Mobile Friendly SchoolSearch

Mobile Friendly

Provides easy access via any platform—mobile phone, tablet, or desktop

Flexible SchoolSearch


Built-in customization options make it easy to showcase the information you want your community to see about each school

Easy Update SchoolSearch

Easy to Update

Designed for easy updating so that information remains timely and accurate

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ADA Compliant

ADA website accessibility compliant to ensure access to critical school information


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