Put decision making on the fast track.

By combining powerful public sector business intelligence software with ready-to-use analytics tools, 5Sight generates detailed and data-driven perspectives on organizational and peer performance to accelerate insights and put decisions on the fast track.


Understand the situation, get to the solution. Faster.

A powerful tool for K-12 schools, 5Sight software leverages prebuilt datasets and analytics to produce custom analysis with speed and efficiency.

By delivering data and peer comparisons directly to your desktop, 5Sight allows K-12 schools to focus on solutions and implementation. Once you have the insights you need, 5Sight's powerful predesigned communication templates make it fast and easy to present complex information in clear, simple, and attractive charts and other visualizations.

  • Analyze local compensation/benefits trends
  • View revenue and expenditure trends by fund, function, or object
  • Identify relative performance against benchmark peers
  • Evaluate staffing ratios and FTE trends by position against peers
  • Compare testing and achievement results by location
  • And more

Analyze financial trends, per student spending and resource allocation

Every district's financial story is different.  Analyze differences in resources and how that translates into different levels of per student spending and how these measures change over time.  Within a district, understand which areas of the budget have grown the most and if this is in alignment with stated goals.


Evaluate staffing ratios and compensation trends by position against peers

Examine how teacher salaries have changed over time for a district compared to its peers.  Analyze the allocation of the budget to personnel costs and the allocation of personnel spending between classroom staff, administration and support personnel.


Compare student performance across a group of districts

Analyze performance of your students at the test, grade and subgroup levels, identifying areas of success and areas for improvement.  Consider not just the most recently released assessment results, but how performance is changing over time.  Identify districts demographically similar that are performing better and compare their resource allocation to yours.

"Additional funding cuts challenged our district to find creative ways to continue to balance our budget. Forecast5 tools enabled us to view data from comparable schools to learn more about trends in class sizes, salary ranges by position and more. It was a game changer for us."

Luke Francois, Ed.D, Superintendent, Mineral Point Schools, Wisconsin

Key Product Features

Artboard 1


Prebuilt data cubes and visualizations

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Generate and save custom analytic views

Artboard 3

Task Focused

Create project workbooks for presentations and other annual tasks

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Build custom reports with access to underlying data, export to Excel

InvestTimeClock-1Invest 30 minutes of time to see what Forecast5 can do.

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