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Location matters – Make more informed decisions using geovisual analytics.

5Maps brings together data from student information systems (SIS), county property records, and many other sources into an interactive mapping platform that enables you to make more informed decisions and increase transparency. “What if” scenarios can be quickly and easily run to help answer a wide range of complex questions, including those related to the efficient location of resources, understanding student enrollment shifts, analyzing equity issues, and much more.


Visualize where students live and where they attend school, to make more informed decisions.

5Maps enables administrators to instantly gain important insights by adding a critical geographic dimension to student and community information. Using 5Maps, it's easy to create a district-wide view, and then drill-down to a neighborhood or student-specific view in just a few clicks.

5Maps supports your strategic planning, analysis, and communication needs.


  • Evaluate boundaries and attendance zones
  • Prepare for referendums
  • Efficiently determine optimal resource placement
  • Evaluate reconfiguration options due to new buildings, overcrowding, consolidations, etc.


  • Assess internet access and close the "digital divide"
  • Evaluate equity issues
  • Respond to demographic shifts
  • Assess open enrollment and choice trends
  • Determine student needs


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"What-if" Scenario Planning

Change can be collaborative, transparent, and efficient with 5Maps. Pose “what if” questions, create scenarios from current data, and obtain answers in minutes. With 5Maps, you can create scenarios based on different points in time, providing you with a more complete picture of the potential impact of important decisions. 5Maps also has a high geocoding accuracy, which is critical for effective boundary planning.

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Analyze Student Demographic Trends and Changes

Easily visualize each student down to their home location, regardless of whether they live in a multi-family dwelling, apartment, or single-family home with multiple students. Select any area on the map for more in-depth analysis using simple drawing and selection tools. You can quickly query and filter on any characteristic to visualize students by resource need, program placement, or choice program enrollment trends, etc. Interactive maps, compelling graphs and dashboards help identify data that is lost in spreadsheets, bringing to life equity issues, broadband internet access, and more.

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SchoolSearch – Not Your Ordinary Address Look-Up Tool

SchoolSearch makes it easy to provide families and the entire community with 24/7 online access to school assignment information, program offerings, and school options. Accurate online information means fewer calls for your staff and less confusion for your community members. Customize SchoolSearch to communicate what you need as your situation evolves.

Key Product Features



Designed for educators, not data experts, enabling easy access to critical answers

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Drill down into the right level of detail to move forward with confidence



Work with current data for consistent planning or do snapshots in time to examine trends

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Access for everyone in your district who needs it, as well as role based security controls and security measures



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