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5Cast budget planning software is designed to enable local governments to create budget projections and instant scenario comparisons to support data-informed decisions. Analyze your financial data, develop your budget, create multiyear financial projections, print your reports — and then share them on your website.

Municipal Budget Software

Spend your time decision making, not data gathering.

5Cast budgeting software is designed to accelerate the financial planning process by eliminating time-consuming data gathering and model building. Populated directly from your accounting system, 5Cast's powerful hybrid database engine integrates historical perspective, trend analysis and scenario comparisons, generating reports instantly to support decision making.

  • Develop a multilayer budget plan
  • Simulate collective bargaining budget impacts
  • Analyze results by fund, function, object or location
  • Compare "what-if" scenarios
  • Generate visual and tabular information for stakeholders
  • And more
Compare what-if scenarios

Compare "what-if" scenarios

One of the most powerful features of 5Cast is its capability to run and view results of different financial scenarios, side-by-side, in a single table or report.  Scenario modeling is somewhat complex, but 5Cast allows you to break down the process of creating, running and comparing results with saved assumption layouts, custom queries, and comparative report templates.  Recognizing results of scenario assumptions with comparative measurements, including Actuals, Cumulative, and Year-Over-Year, present a powerful projection picture for decision-makers.

Multiyear Budget Plan

Develop a multiyear budget plan

The process of effectively communicating and executing a multiyear budget projection plan is essential for improved financial vision and decision-making support for every administrative and policy making level of governance.  With 5Cast, the ability to strategically incorporate assumptions and variables to future revenues and expenses, at any level of granularity, are crucial for gaining insight and understanding to the impact of potential variances in key assumptions, and communicating results with comprehensive reporting options.

Simulate Compensation Impact

Simulate compensation and bargaining impact

Linking your 5-year financial forecast to the negotiations process is essential for advancing overall programmatic initiatives, achieving key economic agreement erms for salaries and benefits, while faced with ongoing restricted revenues.  5Cast can effectively be utilized for collective bargaining and negotiations planning and scenario development; cost out summaries based on various proposals; data shaping of scenario results; and custom groupings of account detail bound to related bargained line items for cost analysis.

"5Cast™ was an invaluable tool in our recent teacher contract negotiations. We incorporated its analytics early in the process, starting with discussions with association co-presidents before negotiations officially began. It made a big difference."

Travis McGuire, Superintendent, Hinckley-Big Rock CUSD 429, Illinois

Key Product Features


Model data uploadable from 5Sight™ or your accounting system


Easily publish information on your organization's website for transparency initiatives


Cloud-based access and optimized for tablets


With new 5Cast™ Plus, add transaction-level detail, intrayear budget views and much more


Flexible charting and report writing; supports multiple models


Export results to Excel

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