Plan your FY19 learning by scheduling a variety of webinars taking place over the next 10 months. The majority of the sessions outlined below are web based, with a few hands-on workshops available. Register for webinars by clicking the highlighted link within the session description. You will receive a reminder email before each learning activity. 



Scheduling Individual Web Conferences
Lora Appenzeller and Gary Sinclair have set aside several 90-minute blocks of time over the next 45 days for individual web conferences. After you identify a topic and time, a web conference notice will be sent to you. Schedule here. 



 Preview of an Iowa ESSA Financial Report Card

Forecast5 Analytics invites all Iowa schools to preview what their financial report may look like. We have used FY18 data to build a model based on initial Iowa Department of Education communication. After previewing, schools will be given access to an excel file to explore their data and the initial report. (60 minutes)

Contact your Advisor to set up an individual conference to look at your ESSA report card.


Monthly 5Cast Plus Upload and Report Review

Each month a 30-minute web conference will be held to assist districts in uploading the current month’s data and review reports for board and public reporting.  Sessions will be held at 10:00 AM on the second Tuesday of each month, starting in October.  Registration will register you for all monthly workshops.
Click HERE to see and register for all dates.