Data analytics solutions for local governments.


Data analytics are a game changer for local governments. 

The challenges facing the modern finance office will continue to increase as accountability and transparency demands for local government increase. Trying to match short-term demands with long-term strategic goals for your ever-changing organization is not easy. That’s why counties, municipalities, special districts, and other local government entities are discovering the power of data analytics tools in managing the complexities of government finance.

Those working with Forecast5 software are surprised at how easy it is to develop and update five-year financial plans; model complex economic, public health and safety scenarios; and increase transparency—and they’re leaving their spreadsheets behind.


“When I started at the village, our board wanted a 5-year financial plan so they could make financial decisions with the future in mind.  5Cast™ made creating, maintaining and communicating the results of our 5-year financial forecast simple and easy. The ability to create multiple 'what-if' scenarios and compare them let our Village Board and Management Staff have a better understanding of how different financial decisions will affect the Village of Brookfield.”

Doug Cooper, Financial Director, Village of Brookfield, Illinois


Harness your data to manage your finances, maintain services and project forward.

Population and demographics. Tax revenues. Building permit locations and status. Personnel costs. Departmental spending. With countless moving parts, local financial management presents a unique mix of complexities. Forecast5 data analytics software is designed to help you understand not just what you’re facing today but also how your decisions will affect finances years into the future.

  • Transition easily from year-by-year budgeting to detailed multiyear forecasting
  • Move from a static, time-intensive spreadsheet-driven system to a fast, flexible database model
  • Identify and address budget shortfalls proactively and strategically
  • Model different scenarios based on long-term financial impact
  • Advance visualizations and communication of results for best practice reporting and transparency

Explore Forecast5's suite of data analytics products.

Develop budgets, create projections, model scenarios, make decisions.
Analyze data to quickly generate new perspectives on organizational performance.
Evaluate boundaries and demographics through mapping.
Collaborate with national, state, local or customized peer groups.
Connect data sets for insight, reports and custom dashboards.

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