Decision support solutions for K-12 administrators.

K-12 Data Collection

Make decisions more efficiently, effectively and strategically.

Forecast5 analytics tools help K–12 educational leaders leverage district, demographic and peer data to develop future-focused strategies for managing limited resources, achieving education outcomes and improving academic ROI in today’s challenging budget environment.


“The strength of Forecast5 Analytics is in the ease of gathering data when you need it on a moment’s notice. Without this easily accessible data, I would be spending countless hours gathering it from many sources.”

Ric King, Assistant Superintendent Business Operations, Schaumburg CCSD 54, Illinois


Manage the present, project the future. Easily and efficiently.

Forecast5 offers a faster, easier, more flexible and versatile alternative to traditional spreadsheet-based methods. We have helped hundreds of K–12 schools across the nation leverage the power of data to find new resources, increase operational efficiency and strengthen decision-making processes.

Explore Forecast5's suite of data analytics products.

K-12 Budget Planning
Develop budgets, create projections, model scenarios, make decisions.
School Business Intelligence
Analyze data to quickly generate new perspectives on organizational performance.
Student Enrollment Analysis
Evaluate boundaries and demographics through mapping.
Public Sector Collaboration Platform
Collaborate with national, state, local or customized peer groups.
Student Achievement Data Analysis
Connect data sets for insight, reports and custom dashboards.

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