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Data analytics solutions for higher education institutions.


Know the impact of your decisions on long-term solvency. 

One-year state budgets. Midyear cuts. Fluctuating enrollment. It’s challenging enough to create accurate financial projections; it’s even tougher when the assumptions change. With Forecast5, you’ll spend less time assembling data, freeing you to focus on analyzing potential solutions.


“In the past, I would manually pull data into Excel to aggregate and analyze. With 5Cast, I can automatically pull data across multiple funds and easily adjust predictions and inputs for instant results. Using the system for two years now, our forecasting is very accurate and has been within minimal variance of our actual year-end balance.”

Hunter Throckmorton, Controller, Tyler Junior College


Improve multiyear financial visibility to increase strategic agility.

Most of our higher education customers operate in an environment of uncertainty and constant change. Dwindling state and local funding puts more pressure on tuition to maintain revenues. Midyear state budget cuts make it necessary to find short-term savings or new revenue. Forecast5’s higher education financial management and data analytics tools are designed specifically to maintain a clear, up-to-date view of the future to address the challenges you face every day.

  • Move from a static, time-intensive spreadsheet-driven financial management system to a fast, flexible database model
  • Transition easily to two-year budgeting and multiyear forecasting; keep projections updated in just a few hours or less than a week
  • Forecast enrollment and funding levels for tuition and staffing decisions
  • Identify savings or new revenue opportunities to address budget cuts
  • Model different scenarios based on long-term financial impact
  • Improve financial transparency and clarity in constituent communications

Explore Forecast5's suite of data analytics products.

Develop budgets, create projections, model scenarios, make decisions.
Analyze data to quickly generate new perspectives on organizational performance.
Evaluate boundaries and demographics through mapping.
Collaborate with national, state, local or customized peer groups.
Connect data sets for insight, reports and custom dashboards.

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