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How are School Districts Using Student Data to Close the Digital Divide?

As districts continue to evaluate and adjust their fall 2020-21 education delivery plans—whether traditional, eLearning, or a blend—district leaders need critical information to ensure that not only all students have access to the necessary learning resources, but that learning is actually occurring and students are staying on track regardless of their learning environment.

With 5Lab, administrators can access the full spectrum of student data—attendance, discipline, internet access, course enrollments, eLearning activity, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more—on a single platform so that they can efficiently identify resource access, assess individual student learning progress, and close student equity and achievement gaps.

3 Questions School Districts Should Be Asking

Which students are engaging in my district's eLearning platform?

Understanding usage of eLearning platforms helps administrators make more informed decisions about their students' academic progress. Many tools provide login information on students, but with 5Lab, district leaders can access eLearning activity down to the district's student demographics to ensure all students have access to eLearning materials.


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Which students are completing the work and staying on-track?

It's important to be able to monitor coursework completion to understand if students are staying on-track. The ability to quickly identify incomplete or failing grades means that intervention plans can be established—providing equitable access to resources to support student learning. 5Lab connects your student information system (SIS), LMS, teachers’ gradebook, and other datasets in one location allowing you to monitor student progress. And data visualization provide you with quick, actionable insights into which students may need additional support to remain on-track.

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Which students are ready for the next grade level this fall?

At the start of the school year, districts will be looking to quickly identify students that may need additional resources to become grade-level ready. Based on your district’s or state’s  criteria from the prior school year, 5Lab provides district leaders one location to view which students are or are not next grade ready, preventing students from silently slipping through the cracks due to the digital divide. These readiness indicators are tracked, nightly, so districts can view current readiness, at a glance.

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