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School District of Lancaster Discovers New Gains in Pupil Transportation Subsidies with Data Analytics

School District of Lancaster is a large, urban school district located in central Lancaster County, PA. The oldest district in the state, it serves a diverse population of 11,366 students across 19 different schools. Like many other school...

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4 Steps to Aligning District Resources to Student Achievement

Analyzing student achievement data can certainly be a daunting task for school administrators. This is especially true as districts attempt to tie student performance to financial and human capital. Often, the limitation of comparable data makes...

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How to Create a Budget Forecast in Uncertain Times

According to the “National Center for Education Statistics” February 2017 publication, over 90% of school district revenues come from local or state sources that are controlled by statutory funding formulas.  With such a significant portion of...

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3 Easy and Effective Ways Public School Districts Can Use Analytics When Filling Administrative Positions

Much has been written about the impact hiring has on an organization’s success - how to find, attract and hire the right people, and how to reduce turnover. Many successful organizations often cite their ability to hire and retain the right...

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Data Analysis: “Look Both Ways Before You Cross”

From those glorious first times when we were old enough to cross the street, to the hair-raising times when we were old enough for someone to trust us behind the wheel of a car, one thing we all repeatedly heard at varying levels of intensity was

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3 Ways that a GIS Tool Can Help with Enrollment Trend Analysis

As schools collect and analyze large amounts of data to increase efficiencies and optimize resources, Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are not always the first that come to mind. It requires some creative thinking in finding ways that...

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