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3 Steps in Developing Your Referendum Strategy

It’s a new school year, and for many districts that means it is referendum season.  While the district may fully understand the need for a referendum, the challenge often is justifying it to the local taxpayers, who may not understand the...

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Define, Lead, and Uphold Your School's Brand

What makes us admire one brand over another? Could it be because of what we were exposed to growing up? Our perception based off a company’s reputation, business objectives, involvement with the community, service, or authenticity? Our...

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Four Tips for Building Compelling Visual Stories with Data

As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But what happens if the picture is sending the wrong message, or the intended message is being missed? Storytelling with data should be a strategic objective for all school...

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Five Steps to Creating Your School's Brand

As the parent of a first grader and a tax payer, I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined about the intricacies of the public school system.   From how students are assessed in terms of readiness, to how competition for students and the...

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3 Rules for Constructing and Communicating Your Financial "Story" to Stakeholders

One common thread that every good story has imbedded into it is context.  Without context, it doesn’t make sense as to why Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods, why Peter Pan never ages, or what Harry Potter’s deal is.  Context provides depth...

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Transparency: How Municipalities Are Building Trust

Considering the world, we live in today in terms of social media and information at your fingertips, it is a pretty simple path to find out just about anything on an individual or organization.  People have come to expect the ability to gather...

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3 Simple Rules for How to Effectively Communicate Your Institution’s Budget

As expectations and challenges continue to rise in the finance office, it is now more than ever, necessary to understand how to effectively communicate your institution’s financial plan to stakeholders. The ability to create, maintain, and...

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Three Major Money Related Issues Facing City or County Finance Officers

After more than thirty-five years serving in finance or budget related positions in three Iowa cities, I can attest that demands of the job are ever-increasing.  The number and complexity of challenges facing the modern city or county finance...

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The Top 3 Issues Facing Higher Education CFOs

After forty years serving Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) as Finance Director, I can tell you firsthand the demands from the finance office at institutions around the country are greater now than they have ever been. The number and...

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