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3 Ways A Small Missouri School District Enhances Financial Transparency with Data Analytics

Navigating the financial landscape as a superintendent of a small school district has never been easy. Navigating the current financial landscape as a school administrator for a small school district has become particularly challenging, since...

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City of Rockford Water Division Enhances Long Range Financial Planning: Q & A Interview with Water Superintendent

Water Superintendent, Kyle Saunders, has been partnering with Forecast5 to develop rate-setting, debt-service, and CIP calculators for better long range financial planning using 5Cast and 5Cast Plus. He was happy to share some of his...

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Countdown to the ESSA Financial Transparency Mandate

At the end of this school year (FY2019), all states and local school districts will be required to report per-pupil expenditure data at the school level as mandated by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The new ESSA financial requirements...

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K-12: Forecast the Future to Fight Budget-Busting Surprises

How many line items are in your K-12 annual budget? 750? 1000? More? That’s a lot of places for the unexpected to creep in and mess with your carefully crafted financial plan. Save the surprises for birthday parties by getting a better handle on...

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Create school board financial reports in minutes? Yes, you can.

Financial systems for school districts are great tools to accurately record revenue and expense transactions. But, as anyone who is charged with creating monthly reports can tell you, that’s where their ease of use ends. It typically takes hours...

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The Gift of Time: Ditch Manual Reports with the Power of Automation

Why is it the hardest questions often start with “why?” Why is the transportation fund over budget in October? Why are revenues down from this time last year? Why are benefits a higher percentage of expenditures this year?

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See Where You’re Headed with Proactive Management of the Annual Budget

You can’t get where you need to go when driving a car by only looking in the rearview mirror. The same is true for your annual budget. If you’re spending the majority of your time reviewing transactions and preparing reports about what just...

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Analyzing Monthly Financials to Better Manage Your Annual Budget

How many times have you uttered the old adage “hindsight is 20/20” in a wistful manner? If only you’d had access to the information that’s now available, you could have made a different, better decision.

Often those insights come during the...

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Beat the Clock: How to Automate the Monthly Financial Reporting Cycle

Monthly reporting is a best practice for every financial team. It’s part of a standard routine that enables you to monitor and assess actuals against planned in your annual budget and provide your board recurrent updates.

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Better Decision Making Powered by Operational Forecasting

Planning is essential to the success of a school district. Administrators, school boards, teachers and staff spend a lot of time defining goals for how they will measure the performance of students, schools and the district as a whole.

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