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Looking Forward to a Multiyear Financial Forecast

Executing a multiyear financial projection can be a time consuming and complicated process, especially if you are starting the process for the first time.  However, city officials approaching this type of project with a strategic perspective will...

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The Good, the Bad and the Immaterial: Strategies for Defining and Sharing Financial Information

Management of a municipality’s budget is a never-ending game of three-dimensional chess played on the back of a flatbed truck. You have to consider every move you make from multiple angles and you never know when a bump in the road is going to...

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Redefining Transparency: Helping Stakeholders Better Understand Financial Data

Municipalities of all sizes share a common goal when it comes to making financial data transparent: just do it. Administrators know citizens and elected officials alike want to see for themselves how tax dollars were spent and how city programs...

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Transparency: How Municipalities Are Building Trust

Considering the world, we live in today in terms of social media and information at your fingertips, it is a pretty simple path to find out just about anything on an individual or organization.  People have come to expect the ability to gather...

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