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No More Gotchas: Eliminating the Surprise Factor in Financial Planning

Surprise! Unless it’s someone’s birthday, this word causes heartburn for even the most experienced member of an institution's finance team. It means one of the variables that affect the budget has reared its ugly head and yelled “gotcha.”

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Back to the Future: Harnessing the Power of Historical Data to Better Manage Your Budget

By looking back, you can see further into the future.

A message pulled from a fortune cookie that leaves you pondering? Possibly. For me, it’s a maxim I like to share with the financial operations folks at higher education institutions. It’s a...

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3 Simple Rules for How to Effectively Communicate Your Institution’s Budget

As expectations and challenges continue to rise in the finance office, it is now more than ever, necessary to understand how to effectively communicate your institution’s financial plan to stakeholders. The ability to create, maintain, and...

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The Top 3 Issues Facing Higher Education CFOs

After forty years serving Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) as Finance Director, I can tell you firsthand the demands from the finance office at institutions around the country are greater now than they have ever been. The number and...

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