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How Data Analytics is Helping Guide Strategic Decisions at Moses Lake School District

Washington State's Moses Lake School District Superintendent, Dr. Joshua Meek, and his team leverage a variety of tools to help them make well-informed decisions. One tool in particular—5Maps—has not only provided them with critical...

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Showcasing Your District: How Interactive, Self-Service Tools Are Changing the Game

We have all heard the phrase, "You only have one chance to make a first impression." And yet how often, as school administrators, have you looked at the tools your district is providing—from your community’s perspective—to help them determine...

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3 Ways that a GIS Tool Can Help with Enrollment Trend Analysis

As schools collect and analyze large amounts of data to increase efficiencies and optimize resources, Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are not always the first that come to mind. It requires some creative thinking in finding ways that...

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Park Districts: Using Maps and Analytics

As geospatial technology becomes more prevalent, there will be an interesting opportunity for local park districts to use map based analytics for planning and marketing. The value that this technology can produce may be significant in terms of...

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“Are we almost there yet?”

The summer vacation road trip. Depending on your age you may have slightly different memories of this. But, for many, the memories of sweating it out in the back seat of the crowded family station wagon required that The Question (in a whiny,...

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