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The Calendar Curse: How to Build Strategic Planning into Your Overbooked Schedule

How do you fit strategic planning into your calendar when it’s so jam-packed with daily tasks…it’s hard to find time to eat lunch?

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The Good, the Bad and the Immaterial: Strategies for Defining and Sharing Financial Information

Management of a municipality’s budget is a never-ending game of three-dimensional chess played on the back of a flatbed truck. You have to consider every move you make from multiple angles and you never know when a bump in the road is going to...

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No More Gotchas: Eliminating the Surprise Factor in Financial Planning

Surprise! Unless it’s someone’s birthday, this word causes heartburn for even the most experienced member of an institution's finance team. It means one of the variables that affect the budget has reared its ugly head and yelled “gotcha.”

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Redefining Transparency: Helping Stakeholders Better Understand Financial Data

Municipalities of all sizes share a common goal when it comes to making financial data transparent: just do it. Administrators know citizens and elected officials alike want to see for themselves how tax dollars were spent and how city programs...

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How to Create a Budget Forecast in Uncertain Times

According to the “National Center for Education Statistics” February 2017 publication, over 90% of school district revenues come from local or state sources that are controlled by statutory funding formulas.  With such a significant portion of...

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Back to the Future: Harnessing the Power of Historical Data to Better Manage Your Budget

By looking back, you can see further into the future.

A message pulled from a fortune cookie that leaves you pondering? Possibly. For me, it’s a maxim I like to share with the financial operations folks at higher education institutions. It’s a...

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Budgeting – You Can’t Look Forward Without Looking Back

A budget is a forward-looking fiscal plan for a given period of time.  Good budgeting, however, is not as simple as “what do I think will happen next month/quarter/year?”  What differentiates good budgets from mediocre ones isn’t just how close...

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3 Easy and Effective Ways Public School Districts Can Use Analytics When Filling Administrative Positions

Much has been written about the impact hiring has on an organization’s success - how to find, attract and hire the right people, and how to reduce turnover. Many successful organizations often cite their ability to hire and retain the right...

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Data Analysis: “Look Both Ways Before You Cross”

From those glorious first times when we were old enough to cross the street, to the hair-raising times when we were old enough for someone to trust us behind the wheel of a car, one thing we all repeatedly heard at varying levels of intensity was

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3 Key Steps for Conducting Negotiations with Data Analytics

School district negotiations are often the most stressful, labor-intensive, and volatile times of the year for administrators.  There can be conflicting views related to salary increases being requested versus revenue constraint realities....

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The Top 3 Issues Facing Higher Education CFOs

After forty years serving Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) as Finance Director, I can tell you firsthand the demands from the finance office at institutions around the country are greater now than they have ever been. The number and...

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Enrolling in a Process

Communities, school boards and district administrators can struggle with how to effectively analyze enrollment data to make current and forward-looking decisions. These decisions are important because of the direct impact on financial budgeting...

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