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3 Tips for Making the Case for Data Analytics Tools

The seven most expensive words are “we have always done it that way.” This statement rests on the foundation that without embracing change and the willingness to move beyond what has been historically done, we are risking greater losses than...

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4 Tips to Optimizing Peer Comparisons with Data

As a sports fan, I enjoy the common debate over who is the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Sports is a unique situation in that often times athletes do not have the luxury to choose who they are compared...

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3 Key Steps for Conducting Negotiations with Data Analytics

School district negotiations are often the most stressful, labor-intensive, and volatile times of the year for administrators.  There can be conflicting views related to salary increases being requested versus revenue constraint realities....

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The Big Data Era In Education Has Arrived

This year, Michigan’s Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) announced the School Aid Budget will now include $1.5 million in funding to provide reimbursement to districts on subscription costs for approved data analysis tools....

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School Boundaries – Time For A New Approach?

There are not many issues that will spark more community discussion than a potential school boundary change. Concerned community members generally voice several concerns in these discussions including transportation issues, home values, academic...

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Illinois Enrollment Decline Presents Challenges for School Administrators

Illinois public schools are mirroring a significant national trend in student demographics: an overall reduction in enrolled students combined with a rising percentage of students coming from low income households. Half of Illinois’ public...

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