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3 Rules for Constructing and Communicating Your Financial "Story" to Stakeholders

One common thread that every good story has imbedded into it is context.  Without context, it doesn’t make sense as to why Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods, why Peter Pan never ages, or what Harry Potter’s deal is.  Context provides depth...

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Forecast5™ Client Spotlight -   Celebrating Success Stories

There is nothing we love more here at Forecast5 than hearing about how our clients are using our product suite to optimize resources, create opportunities, save money and increase organizational performance.  These stories truly inspire our team...

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Budgeting – You Can’t Look Forward Without Looking Back

A budget is a forward-looking fiscal plan for a given period of time.  Good budgeting, however, is not as simple as “what do I think will happen next month/quarter/year?”  What differentiates good budgets from mediocre ones isn’t just how close...

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School Boundaries – Time For A New Approach?

There are not many issues that will spark more community discussion than a potential school boundary change. Concerned community members generally voice several concerns in these discussions including transportation issues, home values, academic...

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Arriving at a Decision: Building a Bridge with Data

If you are like me, driving across a bridge is one of those things you might take for granted as you are headed towards a particular destination. Whether driving across a river-spanning bridge or taking a nature walk across a narrow, wooden foot...

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How to Analyze Large Data Sets Like a Machine

How do you find patterns and relevant business insights in large data sets…specifically, if you are a human? There are a growing number of technology solutions and algorithms that are automating the approach to data mining. But, there is always...

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How to Effectively Prepare and Communicate Your Budget Presentation to Stakeholders

The nuances of government finance are difficult even for seasoned board members to understand; imagine the layperson attempting to grasp the annual budget in one sitting. To be effective, a budget presentation must be more than a recitation of...

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Illinois Enrollment Decline Presents Challenges for School Administrators

Illinois public schools are mirroring a significant national trend in student demographics: an overall reduction in enrolled students combined with a rising percentage of students coming from low income households. Half of Illinois’ public...

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Collaborative Analytics: A Unique Opportunity for the Public Sector

Business Intelligence (BI) technology continues to revolutionize all aspects of global business. Corporations have progressively deployed analytics to increase performance in nearly all functions of commerce. And…with increasing effectiveness and...

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