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Forecast5™ Client Spotlight  - Celebrating Success Stories

There is nothing we love more here at Forecast5, than hearing about how our clients are using our product suite to optimize resources, create opportunities, save money and increase organizational performance. These stories truly inspire our team...

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3 Keys to Incorporating Data Analytics into Your District’s Routine

Often in my work with school districts, I’m asked about how to create a habit of incorporating data analytics into a regular routine. I hear a variety of challenges when discussing this idea with districts, but the one that comes up most often is...

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3 Ways that a GIS Tool Can Help with Enrollment Trend Analysis

As schools collect and analyze large amounts of data to increase efficiencies and optimize resources, Geographic Information System (GIS) tools are not always the first that come to mind. It requires some creative thinking in finding ways that...

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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Aligning Spending to the Strategic Plan

One of our K-12 data themes for this year is “academic return on investment.”  We are trying to identify new methods and visuals to link functional investments (expenditures) to academic outcomes.  In this effort, we have recently rolled out some...

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Making Every Digit Count

For 15+ years our team has been developing multi-year financial forecasts using “rolled up” or summarized data from Annual Financial Reports (AFRs). The new 5Cast platform, which was introduced to the market last year, is driven off of a local...

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Five Year Financial Projection Q&A

Local government leaders that approach a five year financial projection with a strategic perspective understand that a financial projection is more than just a spreadsheet. A meaningful multi-year financial forecast can produce tremendous value...

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Using Business Intelligence for School Budgeting and Forecasting

Developing and Presenting a (Business) Intelligent Budget

The budgeting season is well under way.  And, for most public sector CFOs, the challenge with this year's budget is not going to be how to spend new resources of money.

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Financial Forecasting and the Issue of Diminishing Returns

Every local government should invest the time and resources to develop a multi-year financial projection. This type of project can be time and resource intensive…but, it is completely necessary unless your organization is in the enviable position...

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School Boundaries – Time For A New Approach?

There are not many issues that will spark more community discussion than a potential school boundary change. Concerned community members generally voice several concerns in these discussions including transportation issues, home values, academic...

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Public vs. Private Sector Metrics: A CFO’s Perspective

I had an opportunity to speak recently with an individual that has CFO experiences in both the private and public sectors. The private sector resume includes Fortune 500 experiences and the public sector experience was in one of the largest...

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Public Sector Analytics: Where Should We Start?

On an accelerating basis, the public sector is moving into the Analytics Age. Multi-dimensional data strategies are being explored and employed for a variety of uses in schools, cities, and counties. Given the significant amount of data that...

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