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Multiyear Financial Projections: An Essential Undertaking

In this era of limited resources and continued financial strain, school business officials need to combine accounting and analysis, along with compelling communication skills, to meet the present and future needs of their organizations.

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Five Year Financial Projection Q&A

Local government leaders that approach a five year financial projection with a strategic perspective understand that a financial projection is more than just a spreadsheet. A meaningful multi-year financial forecast can produce tremendous value...

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Using Business Intelligence for School Budgeting and Forecasting

Developing and Presenting a (Business) Intelligent Budget

The budgeting season is well under way.  And, for most public sector CFOs, the challenge with this year's budget is not going to be how to spend new resources of money.

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Arriving at a Decision: Building a Bridge with Data

If you are like me, driving across a bridge is one of those things you might take for granted as you are headed towards a particular destination. Whether driving across a river-spanning bridge or taking a nature walk across a narrow, wooden foot...

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Collaborative Analytics: A Unique Opportunity for the Public Sector

Business Intelligence (BI) technology continues to revolutionize all aspects of global business. Corporations have progressively deployed analytics to increase performance in nearly all functions of commerce. And…with increasing effectiveness and...

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Data Discovery: Because We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

At a recent session introducing Business Intelligence (BI) tools to school district administrators, about 15 minutes into the presentation our team asked for questions and feedback. After silence for a few seconds, a comment came from the...

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Analytics: The Paradigm Shift in the Public Sector

For the last several years, corporations have been deploying data technology on an increasing basis for the purpose of driving productivity and ultimately increasing profits.  To a great extent, however, the public sector has not been introduced...

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