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Nacogdoches ISD Conducts Peer District Analysis of Student Performance Data to Guide Curriculum Decisions

An established organization since 1903, Nacogdoches Independent School District (NISD) is founded on the principles of educational opportunities, inspiration, and excellence. Serving over 6,000 students across eleven different campuses, the...

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4 Tips to Optimizing Peer Comparisons with Data

As a sports fan, I enjoy the common debate over who is the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Sports is a unique situation in that often times athletes do not have the luxury to choose who they are compared...

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Budgeting – You Can’t Look Forward Without Looking Back

A budget is a forward-looking fiscal plan for a given period of time.  Good budgeting, however, is not as simple as “what do I think will happen next month/quarter/year?”  What differentiates good budgets from mediocre ones isn’t just how close...

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