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3 Ways A Small Missouri School District Enhances Financial Transparency with Data Analytics

Navigating the financial landscape as a superintendent of a small school district has never been easy. Navigating the current financial landscape as a school administrator for a small school district has become particularly challenging, since...

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Modeling the Financial Impact of COVID-19

If it has not already happened, in the near future you will likely be asked about how the COVID-19 pandemic will financially impact your district. While things like FY20 expenditure savings and FY21 interest earning reductions can be projected...

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Monitoring Cash Flow During Times of Tax Payment Uncertainty

When the federal government moved the personal tax filing due date from April 15 to July, a series of cascading discussions followed from state and local governments, prompting this important question... "Would other tax collecting bodies follow...

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City of Rockford Water Division Enhances Long Range Financial Planning: Q & A Interview with Water Superintendent

Water Superintendent, Kyle Saunders, has been partnering with Forecast5 to develop rate-setting, debt-service, and CIP calculators for better long range financial planning using 5Cast and 5Cast Plus. He was happy to share some of his...

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