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The New Normal – Planning for Technology Needs

COVID-19 has rapidly shifted both learning and the workforce into a remote, digital environment. As students, teachers, and parents settle into the "new normal", this is the ideal time for Information Technology (IT) teams to begin planning for...

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Considerations for Evaluating Year-End Academic Performance

Due to the national and state guidance surrounding COVID-19 social-distancing measures, most schools face the possibility of needing to extend eLearning through the end of the school year.

While each district, school, and/or grade level may have...

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Three Steps for Effectively Measuring SEL Program Effectiveness

For approximately the past 10 years, school districts have wrestled with implementing social and emotional learning standards within their schools.

To support the social emotional needs of their students, school districts have attempted a variety...

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Monitoring Cash Flow During Times of Tax Payment Uncertainty

When the federal government moved the personal tax filing due date from April 15 to July, a series of cascading discussions followed from state and local governments, prompting this important question... "Would other tax collecting bodies follow...

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Tracking and Analyzing Student eLearning Engagement

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, districts across the country are exploring ways to engage their students through eLearning. 

During our conversations with clients, all have indicated that they are currently navigating how to best ensure that...

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Announcing the 2019 Project of the Year Award Recipients

Over the years, we’ve been honored to have the opportunity to work with a wide range of school administrators, business officials, and members of community organizations across the country on their projects and presentations. As the use of...

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Westfield Washington School District Uses 5Lab for Continuous School Improvement

This Indiana K-12 school district is using student data dashboards to make better data-informed decisions and improve student outcomes.

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Meet Stan Wisler

Meet Stan Wisler, one of those crazy runners and former Pennsylvania CFO turned Strategic Account Advisor.

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Meet Katie Henry

Meet Katie Henry, former Finance Director of City of Sherwood and international traveler.

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Meet Travis Zander

Meet Travis Zander, former Director of Budget and Planning for Austin ISD with a passion for world travel.

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Meet Vince Christakos

Meet Vince Christakos, former Hemet USD and Redlands USD School Business Official turned Senior Advisor.

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City of Rockford Water Division Enhances Long Range Financial Planning: Q & A Interview with Water Superintendent

Water Superintendent, Kyle Saunders, has been partnering with Forecast5 to develop rate-setting, debt-service, and CIP calculators for better long range financial planning using 5Cast and 5Cast Plus. He was happy to share some of his...

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