Elementary School Enrollment and Boundary Planning

Case: District Enrollment Analysis

“The Forecast5 team has been so amazing and responsive to assist with learning and using their software tools. One of their frequent questions is this: Hey Wendy, what are you working on in your District and how could Forecast5 help?

When asked this question recently, I shared that our District was working on an elementary school enrollment and school boundary problem. Historically, the District moves new students out of their neighborhood school when classrooms are at capacity in their neighborhood school. This has created numerous scenarios with students attending schools outside of their boundaries. Once we had a demo on the 5Maps software, we knew this would be an essential tool for our District to navigate through our elementary boundary and enrollment problem. The upload of information from our current student software was easy.  In a few days, we had an awesome tool at our fingerprints that enlightened us on where the problems are and where they are not. Our Superintendent had a question about a little street that was split between elementary schools by the current boundary. We quickly pulled up 5Maps and learned that all the students living on this street are all attending one school. Our Superintendent was so pleased to have this type of information at our fingertips.”

Wendy Rimmelspacher, Executive Director for Financial Services, Clarkson School District, Washington

Negotiations Preparation Using Visual Analytics

Case: Negotiations Preparation

"As we were preparing to start negotiations, the Forecast5 team and I spent an afternoon strategizing about the visuals we could show to board and union members. We were able to create a detailed Powerpoint that was used throughout our year long process and included several specific analytics to match the uniqueness of our District. Visual presentations are a powerful tool when explaining school finance to Board members and staff."

Wendy Flaherty, Director of Finance, Wood Dale School District 7, Illinois

Communicating Legislative Issues To The Board of Education

Case: Stakeholder Communication

"One of the first success stories I had with 5Sight was in helping my Board of Education understand the impact of legislation that was trying to utilize General State Aid to balance resources between school districts. For those in Illinois, this was the original push for education funding equity through Senate Bill 16 last fall.

The State Board of Education provided numbers of the potential impact the legislation would have and Forecast5 Analytics uploaded the data and created a visual through 5Sight. Using this visual, I was able to explain the need for adequacy of funding as a part of the solution in order to avoid the impact of taking resources away from some children for the benefit of other children in a different community. It was a powerful use of using data to show local impact of potential legislation and to empower the Board with the information they needed to advocate on behalf of the school district and community."

Jon Bartelt, Superintendent, Bloomingdale SD 13, Illinois

Saving Time With Health Insurance Analytics

Case: Health Insurance Comparison

"Forecast5 has saved a significant amount of time and has helped us have the data we need to make decisions about health insurance coverage. Historically, when we wanted to gather information on health insurance it was a time consuming, tedious process. We would have to contact districts individually, and were only be able to gather a limited amount of data.  With the data that is now available through Forecast5, pulling comparative health insurance data is simple.

We use that data annually to determine how our costs and coverage compared with other districts, which helps inform our decision on whether to change the level of coverage we offer to employees."

David Bein, SFO, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Chief School Business Official, East Maine SD 63, Illinois

Teacher Contract Negotiations

Case: Utilizing 5Cast to Ensure Understanding

"We are a district who utilizes Interest Based Bargaining. As part of that process, “the story” must be told so that everyone gains the background information and an understanding of the current situation. When we began the process of discussing finances, 5Cast was an invaluable tool. The incorporation of 5Cast began early with discussions with the co-presidents of the association. We utilized a meeting before negotiations began with the association to discuss our assumptions and demonstrated how the tool works. We also asked for any specific reports that the association would like to use during the negotiation process.

When negotiations began, the utilization of 5Cast allowed for immediate comparisons with the baseline scenario to discussed scenarios. This proved extremely beneficial and provided for a transparent discussion surrounding salary and benefits keeping the entire district financial picture at the forefront."

Travis McGuire, Superintendent, Hinckley Big Rock CUSD 429, Illinois

Easy-To-Use Data Analytics for a Large Urban School District

Case: Managing a Large Urban School District

"Being the CFO for a large urban district is difficult enough without having the additional time to collect and synthesize data that is critical to make strategic financial decisions for the future. The Forecast5 suite of products provide solutions that combines the massive amount of statewide data in a format that is manageable and intuitive to analyze on a day-to-day basis. Their support team are just a phone call away to assist with a question, a report, or a specific analytic design. They go above and beyond to meet our needs. To say Forecast5 has been awesome would be an understatement.”

Matt Przywara, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Lancaster SD, Pennsylvania

Dropout Recovery Program

Case: 5Maps in the Dropout Recovery Process

"PSJA ISD is nationally known for its dropout recovery program.  Several years ago, we used Google Maps to help us locate former students that had not returned to school.  Last year, we switched to 5Maps because of the additional capabilities of the program.  The roping feature in 5Maps allowed us to group students by areas and it helped in the efficiency of our recovery process.  We were able to group the folders given to volunteers by neighborhood and were able to even drill down to see what the residence actually looked like."

Adrian Garcia, Chief Technology Officer, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD, Texas

Quickly Analyze Your Financial Data

Case: Community College Planning

“The ability to quickly analyze our data in different views, such as divisional costs versus object classifications enhances our understanding of the critical trends and enables better decisions.”

“5Cast helps our Board look ahead and plan where the College should be going rather than just reviewing the current year’s financial data. The scenario analysis engine and visualization of our data adds depth and clarity to our strategic discussions.”

Tom Ridout, Executive Director of Finance, Northeast Iowa Community College

Five-Year Financial Projections

Case: Credibility with Stakeholders

“I believe a very effective way to build credibility and confidence with stakeholders is to develop, maintain, and utilize a five-year financial projection to drive decisions. On multiple levels 5Cast is the best projection model I have worked with because it is customized to our general ledger. Its ease of use and ability to organize and highlight data makes it an essential tool for managing and communicating school district finances.”

Allen Albus, Deputy Superintendent, Lake Forest CHSD 115 & Lake Forest SD 67, Illinois

Model Multiple Financial Scenarios

Case: Scenario Comparison

“The modeling options in 5Cast are phenomenal. I can create several scenarios and show them side by side so that my Board can make data-informed decisions. Having the ability to discuss the assumptions and instantly show the outcomes helps give everyone “skin in the game” and allows us to move forward with a plan.”

Barry Bolek, Assistant Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

Long-Range Facilities Planning

Case: Facilities Planning

"As part of our district's long-range facilities planning process, our office was asked to investigate some potential adjustments to attendance boundaries within the district to alleviate crowding at some of our highest attended schools. 5Maps allowed us to explore some potential adjustments and assess the likely impact on our students, families, and schools, which led us to develop this report with recommendations."

Bo McCready, Ph.D., Department of Research, Accountability, & Data Use, Madison Metropolitan School District, Wisconsin

Produce Detailed Reports With Your General Ledger Data

Case: User Friendly and Flexible

“5Cast maintains the integrity and granularity of your general ledger allowing you to produce reports with a high level of detail…or, with its powerful aggregation features you can roll the data up into high level summary reports. Flexibility at your fingertips!”

“Multi-year and multi-level forecasting modifications are easy to make, and the automated tracking of assumptions keeps the user informed of changes from the base line scenario. The 5Cast desktop is an extremely user friendly environment.”

Dave Dahms, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Northeast Iowa Community College

Tools for School Leaders

Case: Data Driven Decision Making

5Share, 5Sight, and 5Maps are changing the depth and scope of Virginia decision making.  Power of information is at our fingertips and we are getting stronger every day! The 5Share collaborative forum engages professionals in a learning and sharing environment. The 5Sight data analytics platform enables school business officials, as well as instructional leaders, to save valuable time collecting information and shift to engaging in purposeful analysis, planning, and decision-making. The 5Maps platform helps the entire leadership team instantly visualize the social, instructional, geographical, and financial dynamics of the individual locality.

This short list below provides just a few examples of how Forecast5 Analytics has advanced the ability of school leaders to be effective.  These topics consume significant time and effort on the part of a school leader – yet are integral to successful decision making. 

  • Enhanced statewide discussion about data reporting 
  • Logistical placement of special services and programs
  • Expenditure and revenue comparisons – historically, regionally, by percentage, by student, by focused object level detail
  • Staffing allocation analysis
  • Who are the “go-to” colleagues for various questions about best practices?
  • Are we really as good, or bad, as we think we are?
  • Data that can easily support forecasting and planning
  • Visualization that gets and keeps our stakeholders engaged in quality conversations

The Virginia ASBO partnership with Forecast5 is changing the face of school leadership throughout the state.

Lisa K. Frye, SFO, MBA, Past-President – VASBO, and Executive Director of Finance, Frederick County Public Schools, Winchester, Virginia

Driving Decisions With Enrollment and Live Birth Data

Case: Enrollment Analysis

"Forecast5 has enabled our district to use data in a way that helps us make important decisions as a school district. Forecast5 was instrumental in helping us identify the extent of demographic change in our District. We used enrollment and live birth information to project future enrollment. We used ethnicity data to show increasing demographic diversity in our district and its impact on assessments. We compared ourselves to similar districts to determine if these changes were regional or unique to our district. We were able to use this information to help guide budgeting and program planning."

Dr. Edward Fuhrman, Superintendent, Croton-Harmon UFSD (New York)

Transportation Cost Analysis Nets $1 Million Annual Savings

Case: Transportation Cost Analysis

"Early on, with the roll out of Forecast5, I was able to review our district’s expenditures in certain areas compared with districts in our part of the state. One of those expenditure comparisons was related to transportation costs, where our district appeared to be rather high in relation to others. The information generated by Forecast5 prompted us to complete a full bidding of transportation services two years ago, which in turn, has resulted in nearly $1 million in savings annually.

We also use Forecast5 to predict and develop “affordable” staffing costs and salary market values in an environment where association contracts have been eliminated."

Todd W. Gray, Superintendent, School District of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Balancing the Budget Through Data Driven Decision Making

Case: Balancing the Budget

"When facing additional budget reductions our district was challenged to find creative ways to continue to balance the budget. Using 5Sight as a resource, decision making was made with ease. Our district was able to view data from comparable schools to learn more about trends in class sizes, salary ranges by position, number of FTE per student population, and dollars allocated by funding source. The 5Sight tool simplified difficult decisions through data driven decision making.

Additionally I have joined a professional learning network through 5Share, a platform where administrators interested in collaborating share best practices. Shortly after receiving a prompting question about strategic compensation I posted information about the current plan in our district. What followed were many more posts from other districts that shared creative ways to further develop our local comprehensive compensation plan. After receiving this wealth of useful information I soon learned  that each individual school will benefit more through the interdependence in 5Share than a school would in isolation.

The tools in 5Sight and 5Share are game changers that every school should be equipped with."

Luke Francois, Ed.D., Superintendent, Mineral Point Schools, Wisconsin

Reorganizing the District

Case: Elementary District Reorganization

"Our district was in need of reorganizing all elementary schools to better utilize each building, increase programs and save dollars on transportation. We utilized the 5Maps program to develop new boundary lines for all our elementary schools. This process included an analysis of the balances of student populations and the capacity of all buildings. This program allowed us to quickly gain valuable information to design each school boundary to optimize space. The district is now able to offer full day kindergarten to all students in all buildings because of the improved management of student school assignments. The program is very easy to use. Just put in the desired information about students and then begin to design the boundary lines to fit your needs."

Nick Brown, Superintendent, Hawthorn SD 73, Illinois

Facilities Survey Results used as Communication Tool

Case: Illinois Facilities Survey

"Our community recently passed an $8 million referendum to improve our facilities. Golf School District 67 created a Community Engagement Committee with one of its goals to have Administration develop a document that would discuss our newly renovated facilities.  With ease, we were able to use data from the Forecast5 Facilities Survey and illustrate analytics showing efficiencies with our new systems. 5Share allowed us to tell this story in a way that was easily communicated to all stakeholders in our community."

John Reiniche, Business Manager/CSBO, Golf School District 67, Illinois

Easy Access To Relevant Data

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

"The strength of Forecast5 Analytics is in the ease of gathering data when you need it on a moment’s notice. I have needed data to show comparable data for health insurance, wages, operating cost per student and on and on to our community finance committee. Having this comparable data is invaluable to our community in showing that we are good stewards of their tax dollars. I have also needed data to support the Board of Education’s positions in negotiations and without this easily accessible data from Forecast5 I would be spending countless hours gathering this data from many sources."

Ric King, Assistant Superintendent Business Operations, Schaumburg CCSD 54, Illinois

Extra Duty Stipends

Case: Compensation Analysis

"Utilizing small group surveys in 5Share, my collaboration group collected valuable data on extra duty stipends across numerous extra-curricular activities. These stipends can represent a significant amount of compensation and the group survey provided me comparative data that was valuable in my negotiations with staff. Having timely and accurate data regarding these negotiated expenses allowed me to generate a fair offer that was $100,000 less per year than what was asked for. If we did not have this supportive data during negotiations, our board would not have supported our “holding tight” in this area and when shared with our teachers, they could feel confident that they were being fairly compensated for this extra duty."

Extra Duty Stipends

Barry Bolek, Asst. Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

Document Storage and Collaboration

Case: Data Sharing

"Our regional organization, DuPage IASBO, has begun using 5Share to collaborate. School Business Officials now utilize the document library to post collective bargaining agreements and registration fee analysis. This module provides one arena to share detailed data and information."

Adam Parisi, Director of Finance/District Treasurer, Bloomingdale School District #13, Illinois

Administrator Salary Comparisons

Case: Compensation Analysis

"Our District was able to establish a new paradigm in determining annual administrator compensation based on both performance and variance from a target salary for each position.The LUDA salary data collected and shared through 5Sight provided us with a very user friendly data source to utilize as the comparative data for determining each target salary."

Dean Romano, Asst. Superintendent, Yorkville CUSD 115, Illinois

School Boundary Mapping Made Easy

Case: School District Boundaries

"We have used 5Maps to develop a visual of each school's boundaries, which never existed in the past. Historically, the District had summarized street addresses in a spreadsheet and collected subdivision information from developers which were stored in a notebook. If a parent called looking to enroll his/her child, we would look up the address in "the book" to inform them in which school to enroll. Parents would also frequently call to see if a home they were interested in purchasing was within the District's boundaries. The process was tedious, inefficient and only one person in the District had access to the information.

School Boundary Mapping Made EasyWith 5Maps, we have created interactive maps which are linked on our website and directly into our online registration system so that parents can enter their address and identify at which school to register their child on the spot. All of our building staff have access to 5Maps and can look up addresses from their own building without having to forward a phone call on to the District Office.  It is easy to use and constantly updated through Google Maps."

Maureen A. Jones, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations/CSBO, CCSD 89, Illinois

Boundaries & Building Grade Level Configuration

Case: Boundaries Analysis

"Our District has been working though a stakeholder committee for the past 16 months to understand enrollment growth projections and create solutions for existing and anticipated building overcrowding. The committee’s work established the concept of a “micro-neighborhood” (small student community within our overall district) and was able to utilize 5Maps to create 60 individual “micro-neighborhoods” based on roads, rivers and railways along with projected enrollment within a given geographic.

5Maps was the perfect tool to enable our district administration to build this level of detailed data for such a complicated undertaking. The time it would have taken without the software would have been exponentially greater, far more complicated and less accurate. 

Boundaries & Building Grade Level Configuration

Upon the conclusion of the micro-neighborhoods, the District was able to attach 5 years’ worth of enrollment projections to each micro-neighborhood, which will be used to assign student populations to each building based on grade level projections. The 5Maps software has been invaluable to the anticipated success of this system changing undertaking."

Dean Romano, Asst. Superintendent, Yorkville CUSD 115, Illinois

Negotiating Medical Costs and Health Care Coverage

Case: Health Insurance

"We used 5Sight to analyze our comparable schools and the medical plans that are offered.  We were able to drill down to not only costs of family and single and the portions that each district pays versus the employees, but the deductibles and plan documents provided the opportunity to increase the deductibles of our plans to reduce costs. When sharing this data and information with our employees, we were able to have open and honest conversations that ‘driving a Cadillac” is not an option with the costs.  Our plans are in line with industry standards and we were able to hold our health care budget FLAT for four years in a row with the use of the cube."

Barry Bolek, Asst. Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

Superintendent and Principal Posting and Hiring

Case: Compensation Analysis

"We used 5Sight to analyze our comparable schools and the salaries for our high level administration positions. The data cube also provided us with potential candidates that we could interview when recruiting for these high positions which required experienced administrators to ensure success in our district."

Barry Bolek, Asst. Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

Teacher Contract Negotiations

Case: Compensation Analysis

Utilizing the Salary Survey Visual in 5Sight and a small group survey in 5Share that my collaboration group collected on contract settlements, I was able to share with the Board what salary compensation trends have been over the last several years, and where they are going in the next several years based on contracts benchmark districts have already negotiated. This information assisted the Board in making data driven decisions regarding negotiation parameters.

Allen Albus, Deputy Superintendent, Lake Forest CHSD 115 & Lake Forest SD 67, Illinois

Budget Preparation

Case: Budgeting

"We are able to utilize 5Sight to pull information in a quick and efficient manner to make important presentations to the Board of Education. Being able to implement the file upload has allowed us real time information and has been essential in our budget preparation.

Budget Preparation


By evaluating our revenues and expenses through the Budget Helper Analytic, we have been able to see visually where adjustments need to be made accordingly.  This process would have taken hours without 5Sight and now we are able to access results with the click of the button."

Nicole Stuckert, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer, Sycamore CUSD 427, Illinois

Shared Special Education Services

Case: Special Services

“Erie 1 BOCES offers a shared special education service between 19 school districts with classrooms in many of these districts.  As program dollars have become tighter we needed to find ways to coordinate and consolidate our classrooms.  The problem is that we have to consider a lot of different factors such as the age of the students, the program type and special needs of the students, the transportation needs of the students and where will students go in future years.

5Maps allowed us to program all these factors in and then by setting different filters for the students and the building locations visually see the impact on the program.  This is great because it quickly can provide different scenarios to come up with the best locations to house our programs.  The ability then to visually show our districts and the parents what this means has allowed the needed buy in from all parties. 5Maps was so easy to use and it cut hours of planning time down and allowed us to look at many different situations quickly and build a program that would be sustainable into the future. ”

Jim Fregelette, Executive Director, Finance and Information Systems, Erie 1 BOCES, New York

Illinois Elementary District Reorganization

Case: School Building Reorganization

"5Maps was an invaluable tool during our reorganization process. As we moved from schools of choice to neighborhood schools this was a daunting project. With 7 schools and over 4,000 students, being able to import the data from our student database and have them appear on a map with all of their attributes allowed us to balance our schools. This would have taken thousands of hours without the help of 5Maps. I couldn't imagine doing this without 5Maps. The team at Forecast5 was extremely helpful through the process, helping guide us through setup, use, and through the final upload of our map to allow our community to determine their new school."

Brad Goldstein, Associate Superintendent of Finance and Business Operations, Hawthorn SD 73, Illinois

Wisconsin Superintendent

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

"Over the last 15 years we have seen data warehouses come and go as districts spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to understand the analytics in our sector. Forecast5 with 5Sight and 5Maps have it at your fingertips. This may be the game changer we need to turn our data into actionable improvement plans. Great product, great team and a great future for analytics!"

Mark Hansen, Superintendent, School District of Elmbrook, Wisconsin

Illinois Association of School Business Officials

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“Forecast5 takes mountains of data already generated by districts and makes it useable, accessible and comparable. With this information in the hands of our members, I am convinced that the landscape of decision making will change rapidly from those based on assumptions to those driven by real data.  Illinois ASBO is proud to be a Corporate Partner with Forecast5.  This will be a game-changer for education in Illinois and across the nation.”

Dr. Michael Jacoby, Executive Director, Illinois Association of School Business Officials

Ohio Association of School Business Officials

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“Our partnership with Forecast5 will provide district leadership with a tremendous analytical tool set. District financial leaders will be able to effectively leverage existing, but untapped data for fact-based and predictive decision making. The opportunity to turn data into real information that leads to decisions brings great value to districts across the state.”

David Varda, Executive Director, Ohio Association of School Business Officials

Guidance Counselor Caseloads

Case: Staffing Analysis

"We used 5Sight to bring comparable examples of other schools and what their caseloads were after several counselors complained that their caseloads were higher than their surrounding districts. After downloading the comparable data and putting the chart up on the screen at the meeting, the complaint ended and we went back to our productive day of work."

Barry Bolek, Asst. Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

Illinois Association of School Administrators

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“I came away very impressed. It looks like a tool that could really help school districts as they try to become even more efficient in these difficult budget times. This tool can provide some great peer analysis opportunities.” 

Dr. Brent Clark, Executive Director, Illinois Association of School Administrators

Illinois K-12 Negotiations

Case: Salary & Staffing Comparison

“We used every single one of your salary and staffing comparison analytics to successfully end our strike. If you ever need someone to speak to the value of this system, let us know and I will be there. We want to continue to use this system however we can.”

Bart Arthur, Superintendent, Galesburg CUSD 205, Illinois

Wisconsin Association of School Boards

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“Forecast5 will provide our members with a valuable tool to facilitate data-based decisions on financial and personnel matters that will improve the educational outcomes of our pupils.”

John Ashley, Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of School Boards

New York State Association of School Business Officials

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“NYSASBO believes Forecast5’s analytical tools will be a tremendous asset to school districts and their business officials in developing budgets and long-range fiscal plans."

Michael J. Borges, Executive Director, New York State Association of School Business Officials

Custodial and Maintenance Staffing

Case: Operations & Maintenance

"We used 5Sight to analyze our comparable schools and the allotted staffing for our buildings. We are currently adding new pools, gyms and a wing at our schools. The square footage will be increasing and the cube data allows us to make “data driven decisions”. The data in the “Cube” allowed us to share the industry standards with our board when we asked to increase our custodial staffing for next year."

Barry Bolek, Asst. Superintendent, Township HSD 113, Illinois

New York State Council of School Superintendents

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

 “The data analytics and tools developed by Forecast5 Analytics are the most powerful and user friendly I have seen in my 40+ years in education. These tools will assist school leaders in making informed decisions when analyzing resource allocation and organizational effectiveness. Using these tools will absolutely add value to the challenging work facing all leaders today.”

Dr. Robert J. Reidy, Jr., Executive Director, New York State Council of School Superintendents

Virginia Association of School Business Officials

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“VASBO believes the partnership with Forecast5 Analytics will bring tremendous value to every school division in Virginia, just as it has in many other states. The 5Share communication tool and the 5Sight business analytical tool will provide a much more efficient way to engage in collaborative efforts, analyze targeted data sets, and develop budgets and long-range fiscal plans more strategically.”

Lisa Frye, Past President, Virginia Association of School Business Officials

Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

"The graphical nature of the analytic tools will make the data more user friendly, viewer friendly and easier to understand when presented to school boards and community groups. With accountability and transparency for schools today, the Forecast5 analytic tools will become the new imperative for school leaders in Indiana.”

J.T. Coopman, Executive Director, Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents

Tax Levy

Case: Revenue Analysis

Leading up to the adoption of our annual Tax Levy there was a growing feeling among some Board members that the district should not levy the full amount allowed under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Act. Utilizing 5Sight to quickly pull historical data, and then creating a graph in Excel, the administration was able to present data and visually show how Interest Earnings, State, and Federal revenues had actually declined over a five-year period. That information helped convince the Board to unanimously approve a levy sufficient to access all available funds under the cap. 

Illinois School District-Enrollment of 2,500-5,000

Indiana Association of School Business Officials

Case: Quotes & Testimonials

“We are excited to have Forecast5 serving Indiana schools with analytic technology that will help identify new opportunities and resources for our students. When we saw what Forecast5 was doing for our neighboring states, we wanted to bring them into Indiana.”

Dennis Costerison, Executive Director, Indiana Association of School Business Officials