Meritorious Budget Award

Fremont School District 79 Uses 5Cast for MBA Submission and is Recognized for 5th Consecutive Year
Fremont SD 79 migrates and upgrades to the Forecast5 5Cast platform allowing for an auto-populated MBA output module.

Leverage 5Cast to control levy rate fluctuations

Using Forecasting, Kaukauna Area Schools Discover How to Utilize an Energy Efficiency Exemption to Support Mill Rate Management
Wisconsin school district KASD leverages 5Cast to control levy rate fluctuations, allowing investment into key project areas.



Atlantic Community SD Reverses Negative

Unspent Balance Trend by Leveraging Analytics 
This K-12 public school district located in the Coca-Cola Capital of Iowa, used analytics to put the district in a position of strength and positive UAB growth.


Using Data Analytics to Support Bond Referendum

Boerne ISD Receives 73% Approval on $175M Bond Referendum - Using Data Analytics Has Significant Impact This fast-growth school district is busting at the seams. To determine how to accommodate growing enrollment, they turned to 5Sight for supporting data analytics.


5Cast for Aligning Strategic and Financial Plans

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Uses 5Cast to Better Align Strategic and Financial Plans 
NICC is using the 5Cast product as their day-to-day operational toolbox, allowing them to better align strategic and financial plans.

GIS Tools for Mapping Student Success

Mapping for Student Success (eBook)
Mapping technology provides organizations with new visual perspectives and actionable insights into geographic reference data. This guides walks through four different K-12 use cases.

Municipal 5-Year Financial Projection

The Five-Year Financial Projection:
The Municipal's Guide to Generating Strategic
and Operational Value (eBook)
This guide walks you through:

   • The value of a five-year forecast
   • How to use a five-year forecast
   • Critical components of a good financial projection

Save money during teacher negotiations

Ballard Community School District
Ottie Maxey, Superintendent and Patricia Townsend, Business Manager –Collaborating with data analytics to answer key questions quickly and confidently.

Save money during teacher negotiations

Iowa Association of School Boards
Lisa Bartusek, Executive Director –Providing school boards the analytics tools to enhance performance and support community engagement.

Save money during teacher negotiations

Lake Forest School District 67
Jennifer Hermes, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services –Gaining professional development and building more credibility to provide better service to your community.

Save money during teacher negotiations

Township High School District 113
Barry Bolek, Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance  –Saving $1M during Teacher Negotiations using Forecast5.


Align strategic and financial plans

Northeast Iowa Community College
Tom Ridout, Executive Director of Finance  –NICC is using the 5Cast product as their day-to-day operational toolbox, allowing them to better align strategic and financial plans.

Bloomingdale SD 13

Bloomingdale School District 13
Dr. Jon Bartelt, Superintendent  – 
Harnessing the Forecast5 Tools: Projecting Forward and Accurately to Tell Your Story

Hinckley Big Rock CUSD 429

Hinckley Big Rock CUSD 429
Dr. Travis McGuire, Superintendent  – Utilizing 5Cast to ensure understanding during teacher contract negotiations.

5Cast Product Video

See how 5Cast allows you to confidently draft budget projections and simulate "what-if" scenarios for the purpose of making data-informed decisions.

Forecast5 Overview

Forecast5 Company Overview
We've built a powerful software suite that can be used for numerous public sector tasks and projects.

5Sight Product Video

Generate new perspectives on your organization's performance by combining powerful business intelligence software with ready-to-use data analytics.

 5Share Collaboration Network

5Share allows you to collaborate with other leaders around unique business ideas and share best practices. This unique social network is also fully integrated with 5Sight.