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5Maps generates business insights quickly and efficiently. Our maps and visual analytics answer complex questions and provide valuable information in colorful, multidimensional perspective — in minutes, not weeks — without hiring an expensive consultant.

Student Enrollment Analysis

Map out present and future needs, trends and opportunities.

5Maps is an advanced mapping software tool that provides new insights by loading location data into simple, interactive charts and map visualization templates. The 5Maps interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Extract statistical detail from the map by simply drawing shapes on it. Or query the data with user-friendly filters to generate compelling business analyses. 5Maps is designed to be simple to learn and use, so you can get the information you need without incurring the costs of hiring an outside consultant.

5Maps makes it easy for K-12 schools, community colleges or municipalities to:

  • Evaluate boundaries and service zones
  • Analyze student enrollment and demographic trends by region
  • Identify transactions/events with dimensions of time and geography
  • Generate digital boundary maps for your organization's website
  • Analyze performance statistics by location
  • And more
Boundary Capacity Management

Boundary capacity management

Load your school or neighborhood boundaries onto 5Maps for easy editing capabilities.  Use this to simulate boundary changes in order to determine the best possible solution and analyze these changes using charts and graphs.

Student Enrollment Analysis

Student enrollment analysis

Visualize your students on a map and use this insight to monitor population shifts and enrollment trends.  Plan for future growth or declines and identify special program students by implementing pin color-coding.

Student Performance Analysis

Stakeholder communication

Use a custom chart builder to create analytics based on your student data.  Run these statistics on any of our scenarios to gain more insight into the effects of those changes.  Export these visuals for use in meetings or in presentations.

"We used 5Maps™ to develop a visual of each school's boundaries, which never existed in the past. We were using a cumbersome spreadsheet/binder system before. 5Maps is easy to use and constantly updated through Google Maps."

Maureen A.Jones, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations/CSBO, CCSD 89, Illinois

Key Product Features


Work with multiple data sets on the map at the same time


Query by data attributes or by user-drawn shapes on the map


Macro-Area Filtering™ associates data with user-defined regions

Custom Visuals

Analytics and visualization with custom charts, graphs and map coloring

Google Maps

Up-to-date satellite and street views through Google Maps

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Iowa Association of  School Boards

Iowa Association of  School Boards

 Lisa Bartusek, Executive Director –Providing School   boards the Analytics Tools to Enhance Performance   and Support Community Engagement

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Past, Present, Future: How to Combine Historical and Anticipated Data for Accurate 5-Year Financial Forecasts (eBook)

Past, Present, Future: How to Combine Historical and Anticipated Data for Accurate 5-Year Financial Forecasts (eBook)

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Atlantic Community SD Reverses NegativeUnspent Balance Trend by Leveraging Analytics

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