Data analytics - not just for the private sector anymore.

With hundreds of moving parts, municipalities are complex organizations to lead and manage.  At Forecast5, we've been helping local governments across the nation analyze their financial history to understand where they are today, so they can project what tomorrow will bring. Understanding what the future holds, helps leaders adapt and adjust to current realities.

Game-Changing Budgeting and Forecasting

Transitioning from a one-year budget to a detailed multi-year financial projection is not easy. It takes time and significant skill to develop a detailed financial forecast. 5Cast simplifies the task and increases the value dramatically by switching from an Excel driven to a database driven model. Speed, functionality, accuracy and level of detail are all enhanced by 5Cast.


Your Best Offense is a 5-Year Forecast

Local governments that establish and maintain financial forecasts empower decision makers with necessary data. Decision makers with access to the most relevant and accurate information will naturally make better decisions. Better financial decisions impact all stakeholders positively, both inside and outside the organization.


Aligning Strategic Goals With Your Financial Goals

Many organizations have strategic goals, but aligning the operational budget to accomplish these goals is the key. With 5Cast's financial dashboards you can track your organization's strategic goals with the operational budget details. When these two items are aligned, supporting your organization's long term goals becomes much easier.


Transparency and Accountability

Transparency isn't just a buzzword, it's the reality today. The nuances of government finance are difficult even for seasoned board members to understand; imagine the layperson attempting to grasp the annual budget in one setting. With 5Cast Publish you can publish your financial information timely and accurately to your local government's website. By focusing not only on the actual number, but by providing a narrative to help your community understand the data, you can present the financial data in a broader context. Linking finances with your mission is the easiest way to gain your community's support.