Super powered analytics for educational leaders.

Educational leaders experience new challenges every day. We've been helping hundreds of schools across the nation find new resources, increase operational efficiency and strengthen their decision processes with data analytics. With Forecast5 in your corner, you'll complete time intensive tasks faster and smarter.

Game-Changing Budgeting and Forecasting

Draft multi-year budget projections and simulate what-if scenarios that help you make data-informed decisions for the future. Using data directly from your accounting system, you can spend your time analyzing results and enacting business plans for the future, instead of gathering data and model building. 5Cast from Forecast5 gives you data with a future.


Fast-Track Decision Making

Quickly and efficiently identify your relative performance against benchmark peers. Compare testing and achievement results by location across your district. Pre-built datasets and visualizations make your job easy, transforming data into decisions.


Connect and Collaborate

With our unique 5Share network, you can collaborate and dialogue with Forecast5 staff and other professionals across the nation. With topics and surveys ranging from revenues, to expenses to services and more, there are always best practices being shared and new business ideas being generated.


Tell Your Story and Be Heard

Through powerful, attractive charts and visualizations, you can share complex information easier. With the power of our ready-to-use AND easy-to-understand analytics in 5Sight, you can quickly focus on impactful solutions and implementation.


Relevant Data at Lightening Speed

We've made it easy for you to gather data at a moment's notice. Whether it's comparing data on health insurance wages or your operating cost per student, we've got you covered.


Elevate Your Perspective

Use powerful mapping technology to combine your data with traditional charts and visualizations. Easy and fun to use, 5Maps lets you jump right into your data to create new perspectives and value from your information.