Increasing Performance for Local Governments

Maximizing government resources with analytics

Forecast5 Analytics is transforming the public sector with actionable data analytics.  Local government leaders are using Forecast5 technology to develop financial strategies and monetize valuable data insights.  By focusing the power of multi-dimensional data processing on the most pressing issues in the public sector, Forecast5 is helping local governments find new resources, increase operational efficiency, and strengthen decision processes with analytics.

Forecast5 delivers relevant and focused analytic solutions to schools, cities, and county governments.  Combining state-of-the-art software development with public sector domain expertise, Forecast5 packages an analytics solution for government that is simple to implement and produces nearly immediate ROI opportunities.  Additionally, as a SaaS platform, Forecast5 maximizes the benefits of cloud delivery with increased user accessibility and expedited updates of both data and analytics.

High performing local governments are using Forecast5 applications strategically for:

•Data discovery and performance assessment
Benchmarking and development of KPIs
Long term planning and strategic governance

Forecast5 clients are also using analytics from an operational perspective to:

•Complete time intensive tasks
Manage resources optimally
Engage and communicate with stakeholders 

Is your local government maximizing its use of data?  Does your organization benchmark its performance against relevant peers?  Is your decision process guided with analytic insight? Forecast5 can help you move forward with new, data-driven perspectives and generate lasting returns for your stakeholders and community.

To learn more about how Forecast5 can help your local government, please contact us.